Kiln Dried Caledonian Hardwood Logs – Builder’s Bag

£90.00 inc VAT

Buy bulk Logs for Fireplace & Wood Burners for sale. Edinburgh Kiln Dried high-quality wood great for burning! Only £90 for 850 litre bag!

Don’t delay and get your orders delivered to your door and stay warm and cosy!

Fuel your fireplace and wood-burning stove! 


🔥Are you sick of not getting value for money when it comes to your logs?? Then look no further. Our logs are your answer! We promise that once you try our logs you won’t look back! They are drier, burn better and produce less creosote in your chimney. Try them for yourself…you won’t be disappointed!! 🔥

Suitable for both small and large log burners our logs are cut to a length of approx 8 inches.

🔥Fuel the fire! 🔥

Volume of each bag is APPROX 850 litres/0.85 m3



Kiln dried with a moisture content of below 20% they will burn much hotter and for longer than seasoned logs.  Due to the low moisture content it is not necessary to have a ferocious fire to burn off excess moisture which means the air vents on your log burner can be closed down for a longer more controllable burn.

Best stored in a dry well ventilated shed, garage or log store.

Please note we do NOT offer a log stacking service on delivery, bags are dropped off only to where our vehicle can access your property or roadside.

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Weight 800 kg

6 reviews for Kiln Dried Caledonian Hardwood Logs – Builder’s Bag

  1. L Lamb

    I just wanted to say how delighted I was with the quick service and these logs are just what we needed for our burner. They seem to last so much longer than other logs we have tried!

  2. G Bain

    Really dry logs that burn great! Delivery was on time and easy process. Thanks

  3. Neil Malloy

    Fab logs and service! I’m stocked up now and will reorder when required!

  4. Bruce Mathieson

    Great logs, worth every penny, no soot in stove or chimney, and clean glass

  5. Peter James Dickie

    Speedy delivery, logs burn brilliantly and come in a perfect size for our modest stove. Happy customer.

  6. Jackie Brown

    We got a delivery yesterday & used them last night! Super happy with the quality of the wood, thank you

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