Caledonian Green Goodness – Builder’s Bag

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🍃 Are you wanting a nutrient-rich, organic, peat free, multi purpose, compost that is going to help your garden flourish then look no further!!! 🍃 

Buy Green Goodness today and get it delivered locally at no extra charge when you buy 2 or more bulk bags.  This is the best soil improver for your garden or landscaping job and is for sale at an amazing cheap price of just £35 for a bulk bag!


Caledonian Green Goodness is a high-quality peat-free soil improver made entirely from composted green and woody material collected from gardens and parks throughout the Lothians and Scottish Borders.

We shred and compost this material in large windrows which are monitored and aerated in order to achieve the temperatures required to kill weeds and pathogens. 

Volume of each bag is APPROX 850 litres/0.85 m3


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Benefits of using green goodness include:
● Enhanced soil texture and moisture retention
● Increased levels of organic matter
● Increased nutrients reducing fertilizer requirements
● Addition of soil micro-organisms and fungi which may help suppress soil-bourne populations of some plant diseases
● Reduction of soil compaction and erosion
● Improved plant survival and growth

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Weight 800 kg

4 reviews for Caledonian Green Goodness – Builder’s Bag

  1. admin

    TB Brown. Facebook 5th April 2018 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️: – “Really great service and wonderful product (soil improver), planted up a couple of beds that had shrubs and weeds, last year and plants doing away grand. Off to pick up some more in next couple of days for next lot of beds that I’ve been working on.”

  2. admin

    Rem Ben. Facebook Recommendation 8th August 2019: – “Great product. Great service. Peat free and recycled was a big selling point for us.”

  3. admin

    P Thomson Facebook 11th May 2019 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️:- Amazing service! Thank you, delivery guy very nice too

  4. admin

    C Talbot. Facebook Message 10th July 2019:- “Filled our raised beds with this compost. Now have beds overflowing with fantastic vegetables! Brilliant service and excellent delivery service.”

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